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Here is an opportunity to become a leading player in higher education sector with UniAdmits. Become an Affiliate of UniAdmits to guide students who dream to study abroad with the best services in International Admissions Counseling & GMAT, GRE, SAT, IELTS/ TOEFL Test Preparations. [/one_half] [one_half last=”no”] 

uniAdmits offer to its Affiliates
  • Tie-ups with increasing no of Universities
  • Favourable payment, service & renewal terms with universities, which is significantly better than what is offered by them to smaller counseling setups
  • uniAdmits Global Standing, Brand Visibility & Transparency Standards
  • uniAdmits Management Skills, Troubleshooting Support & Global Partnerships for Support Services / Related Products
  • Marketing, Sales & Education Delivery Support
  • University Visits / Events support, University-Student webinars, etc
  • Student Financial Aid help, Application Follow-ups, Pre & Post landing support, through uniAdmits centralised team

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Benefits for uniAdmits Affiliate
  • Zero Affiliate joining fees (usual joining fees of $15,000 is waived till 30-Sep-2014)
  • Best-in-class revenue share for Affiliates
  • Favourable Image, Reputation & Recognition to capture student mindshare
  • Ability to offer comprehensive range of course options for all students
  • Better Revenue Terms from global universities; can result in more than 50% financial improvement for Affiliates
  • Ongoing Business Guidance & Centralised Team Support for swift business expansion
  • Marketing Material, Course Brochures & interaction support from global universities
  • Training Material & Sales Kit
  • Other Business Potential for future growth & Related Product Referral Income

[/one_half] uniAdmits Affiliate categories:

uniAdmits follows a process of rewarding its performing Affiliates. Therefore, it has different Affiliate categories to allow Affiliates of differing abilities to excel in their respective category. [one_half last=”no”]

1. Affiliate- Counseling only

  • Shall preferably have a dedicated/ shared office infrastructure (preferably permanent address) where students can visit them
  • Shall have visibility in the local area
  • Shall have a strong marketing & student sourcing plan for next 1 year
  • Shall be able to host visiting university officials for student interviews
  • Stands to gain Sub-Affiliates in his area
3. Sub-Affiliates
  • Resourceful & well networked individuals not FT involved in Admission Counseling business but can generate verified leads
  • Shall have visibility in the local area
  • Shall be able to answer student queries
  • Sub-Affiliates will be paired with an Affiliate who will handle referred students

[/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”] 2. Affiliate- Counseling & Testpreps

  • All requirements of Affiliate-Counseling
  • Additional Classroom space & faculty
  • Additional marketing for TestPrep courses
  • Provides 2 income streams for Affiliates
  • TestPreps also provide a ready pool of students for counseling business
  • Subject to at least 3 centres in the city, uniAdmits can also provide faculty to teach TestPrep courses across centres
4. Student Ambassadors
  • Those students who get approached by aspiring applicants for admission guidance
  • Shall be able to generate at least 5 active & verified leads per year
  • Shall be able to answer student queries
  • Student Ambassadors will be paired with Affiliate who will handle referred students