** uniAdmits engages global students to represent uniAdmits for their campus & native country. Many such students have been giving admission guidance to their friends. With uniAdmits, they can now be rewarded for their help. **

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It has been our effort at uniAdmits to expand our trust circle and reward our associates for trusting us. We intend to engage our students as our brand ambassadors and help them gain from their soft skills applicable to our business and sector welfare. 

We also understand that uniAdmits affiliation can translate into a lucrative revenue stream for international students who otherwise work many more part-time hours to earn pocket money every month. We sincerely believe that our affiliate offers will complement their existing job efforts and help them in gaining experience in international education sector.

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In a downturn market, this could also become a significant and sustainable earning source for many international students in the western countries. Also, most of the work can be done from their campus or place of their choice, thereby creating an on-the-go earning opportunity. uniAdmits will be looking at only a few Student Ambassadors from each campus and therefore the students connecting with us soonest will have a better chance of landing this opportunity.

Kindly email us your interest at reps@uniAdmits.com with ‘Student Ambassador-Your College name’ in the subject area.