Lincoln University is New Zealand’s specialist land-based university and it’s third oldest university.. As a publicly owned and operated  university that exists and operates under New Zealand statute, they are 100% committed to transforming land, people and economies.

In the same way as New Zealand economic base has broadened, their range of courses has also diversified to encompass land-based disciplines across the whole value chain. Today, Lincoln University’s specialist programmes attract students with a strong interest in science, the social sciences and/or commerce from throughout New Zealand and over 60 countries. Those courses include certificates, diplomas, bachelors and postgraduate qualifications in agriculture and agribusiness, commerce, environmental management and planning, landscape architecture, sport and recreation management, science, software and information technology, tourism and viticulture and oenology.

One of the key reasons for their success is that programmes combine robust theory with practical applications. Employers applaud the high levels of practicality structured into the courses while their teaching of the theory is highly informed by the world class research that Lincoln University is involved in. No other university in New Zealand has a higher rate of research dollars per full-time member of academic staff.

Lincoln University demonstrates that national and international research leadership in a range of areas. Specifically, the campus is home to the Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit (AERU), the Centre for Advanced Computational Solutions (CfACS), the Tourism, Recreation Research and Education Centre (TRREC), the Centre for Soil and Environmental Quality and the Isaac Centre for Nature Conservation.

Some of the major programs:

  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture)
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
  • Bachelor of Science          
  • Bachelor of Social Science
  • Bachelor of Software Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Tourism Management
  • Master of Agricultural Sciences                  
  • Master of Applied Science
  • Master of Commerce & Management
  • Master of Natural Resource Management and Ecological Engineering
  • Master of Science  
  • Master of Tourism Management
  • Master of Software Information Technology
  • Graduate Diploma in Commerce
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Commerce
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Software & Information Technology
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Software & Information Technology