George Mason University (often referred to as GMU or Mason) is a public university based in unincorporated Fairfax County, Virginia, United States, south of and adjacent to the city of Fairfax Additional campuses are located nearby in Arlington County, Prince William County, and Loudoun County. Named after American revolutionary, patriot, and founding father George Mason, the university was founded as a branch of the University of Virginia in 1957 and became an independent institution in 1972. Recognized for its strong law, economics, nursing and public policy programs, the university enrolls over 30,000 students, making it the third largest university-by-population in the Common wealth of Virginia.

The city of Fairfax purchased and donated 150 acres (0.61 km2) of land to the University of Virginia for the college’s new location, which was referred to as the Fairfax Campus. In 1959, the Board of Visitors of UVA selected a permanent name for the college: George Mason College of the University of Virginia. The Fairfax campus construction planning that began in early 1960 showed visible results when the development of the first 40 acres (160,000 m2) of Fairfax Campus began in 1962. In the Fall of 1964 the new campus welcomed 356 students. Local jurisdictions of Fairfax County, Arlington County, and the cities of Alexandria and Falls Church agreed to appropriate $3 million to purchase land adjacent to GMC to provide for a 600-acre (2.4 km2) Fairfax Campus in 1966 with the intention that the institution would expand into a regional university of major proportions, including the granting of graduate degrees.



Graduate & Postgraduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses

Non Degree Courses

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Graduate & Postgraduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses

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Some key courses:​​​

  • Biology (BSc)
  • BioLogy (MSc) 
  • Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, (BSc) 
  • Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, (MSc)     
  • Computer Science (BSc) 
  • Computer Science (MSc)
  • Software Engineering (BSc) 
  • Systems Engineering (BSc)
  • Systems Engineering (MSc) 
  • Accounting (BSc) 
  • Accounting (MSc)
  • Computer Science (BSc) 
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) 
  • Chemistry (MSc)         
  • Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (MSc)
  • Civil Engineering (Ph.D) 
  • Computer Engineering (BSc)
  • Computer Engineering (MSc)      
  • Computer Science (BSc) 
  • Computer Science (MSc) 
  • Electrical Engineering (BSc) 
  • Electrical Engineering, (MSc) 
  • Executive MBA
  • Information Systems (MSc) 
  • Information Technology (BSc) 
  • Law, JM, JD 
  • Neuroscience (BSc) 
  • Nursing (Ph.D) 
  • Physics (MSc) 
  • Software Engineering (MSc) 
  • Systems Engineering (BSc)         
  • Systems Engineering (MSc)