UniAdmits to help International Students

UniAdmits-51-teaser1uniAdmits is a platform to handhold students through their initial search, university/ course shortlisting, pre-application orientation, connection with university officials, admission applications, post-offer advisory and pre/ post landing guidance.
uniAdmits also offers GMAT, GRE, SAT, IELTS / TOEFL testprep courses.

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uniAdmits affiliates get an umbrella brand and a resourceful plug-n-play platform whose bouquet of services and university partnerships can’t be replicated individually by them.

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uniAdmits transparency benchmarks

** Education counseling services provided by uniAdmits & its affiliates is FREE OF COST for students.
** uniAdmits & its affiliates don’t accept any part/ full course fee for any university; Students shall pay all fees directly to universities.
** uniAdmits & its affiliates can’t influence any university’s academic requirements. 
** uniAdmits & its affiliates encourage students to connect with university officials once students can show a polished profile to them.

International education advantages

UniAdmits-12While studying abroad students become familiar with an entirely new way of learning. Studying abroad is likely to differ a lot from what students are used to so far in their school. The international universities offers a diverse set of students from the globe which also helps students in observing the several thought process/ ways of approaching common task. See more benefits of studying abroad. 
Featured universities this week
University of Glasgow, UK
University of Glasgow-2
University of Auckland, NZ
University of Auckland-2
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Video messages by University Officials

University of Bedfordshire
University of Rochester
University College Dublin
Brown University
Washington University
University of Buffalo- SUNY
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